Support Raising Update – July 21, 2018

goalJust wanted to give a quick update on where we are on our support raising for our ministry with FCA.  Currently Erin and I are at almost 83% of our needed monthly support commitment.  This means we need to raise about $1,400 more a month in committed support.  Over this summer we have had many meetings with individuals, churches and organizations.  Please keep praying with us that the seeds planted and the passion presented in these meetings will lead to partnerships.  Reaching full support really would take a lot of worry off of us and allow us to fully focus on reaching coaches and athletes for Christ.  Please pray with us that our support would come in.  Pray about if there is anyone or any church that you might be able to tell about partnering with us and FCA.  And lastly, if you are not already doing so please pray about if God would have you join our “Home Team” as a committed monthly financial partner.  Feel free to contact Erin or I if you have any questions and also there is a link on the right side of this page that will take you to where you can set up online giving.  Thank you so much for praying with us!


Camp Video and a Newsletter update!

I just realized in my newsletter that I left out a huge Praise to share with you!!!  At FCA Leadership Camp 30 students made first time decisions for Christ!!!  Please be praying for them as they grow in their faith and for the FCA staff and volunteers that follow up with them.

Also, we wanted to share with you the video of our 2017 FCA Leadership Camp.  This video will show you some of the great lessons that were taught in chapel and also a lot of the fun our students had.  We hope you enjoy!

2017 FCA Leadership Camp Praise and Worship Videos!

Well, we are back from another great year at FCA Leadership Camp.  I have  a lot to share with you, but to be honest I am needing to catch my breath for a little bit before I do.  However God is great and we had an awesome time seeing Him work in the lives of our students.  So I wanted to share some videos of our students praising God and even one of our dear sweet Maeven singing with the younger kids!

A great first day of FCA Leadership Camp 2017


Our 2017 FCA Leadership Camp at Campbellsville University is off to a great start.   Over 60 kids from our Central Kentucky region of schools have joined over 450 students here at camp.  Even though the rain came in right when they were supposed to have games and competition on Thursday afternoon the students took it in stride and actually had a time of afternoon Bible study with their huddles!

On Thursday evening, I (Andy) had the opportunity to teach a “Buzz Group.”  A “Buzz Group,” is a short seminar that the students can choose to go to.  We give them a bunch of seminars on various topics and they can choose the ones that interest them.  I taught mine on how to deal with temptation.  We looked at the example of Joseph and how when it came to temptation Joseph, “Got Buff, Got Tough, and Got Out of There!”  I taught two sessions on my topic and had around 25 kids in each session.  It was great to get to interact with the students and talk to them about things like spiritual disciplines, setting boundaries, and finding accountability partners.   I can’t wait to teach again on Saturday night!

Before I close this post I want to ask you to keep praying for all our Leadership Campers. Pray for safety here at camp, but most of all pray that lives will be surrendered to Christ! Also, check out this video of over 450 students worshiping our Amazing Savior Thursday night!

Happy Independence Day!!!


Our family hopes that you have a great Independence Day!  We are truly thankful for the our freedom, and those who have served to help protect and ensure that freedom!

Great News!!!

JudahIt’s a day of Celebration in our family and in Heaven! After church today Maeven began talking with her brother Judah about His need for Jesus and prayed with him. I then was able to talk with Judah who very clearly told me “I want to follow Jesus!” We talked some more and prayed together and I am so excited that Judah know Jesus as his Savior and Lord! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with my little guy. We are also so proud of Maeven for wanting to make sure her brother knew Jesus

Prayer Request – June 2, 2017

Erin and I would like to ask you to be praying for us as we have some decisions to make about our Van.  Almost 6 years ago God blessed us with a Nissan Quest mini-van that has been a huge blessing and tool for us to use for our family and ministry.  We started having some problems with the van a couple of months ago  and found out this week that it needs a Bank 1 Cad. Converter replaced.  This part and labor cost over $1,000 to get fixed.  With our van having almost 128,000 miles on it we are praying about what the smartest decision would be.  Should we pay the money and get the van fixed and hope that it will last us till at least 200,000 miles?  Or should we look to see if we can trade even for something with less mileage even if it is a smaller vehicle?  Another car payment is not in the budget right now so we can’t really trade up.  Please pray with us that God will make it clear what we should do, and then that all the finances to repair or replace will be provided.  Thanks as always for your prayers!