Health Update for Andy…

healthLast week we shared with everyone that I (Andy) had to have surgery.  Last Wednesday, I had out patient surgery for something called a fistula.  I won’t got into detail on it, and I don’t recommend that you look up the pictures, but I was in severe pain that really was overwhelming.  The good news is that surgery went well, but the problem was bigger than the doctor had hoped and so now I am waiting to meet with the surgeon again later this week.  It looks like I will probably have to have a colonoscopy in the near future and then figure out what the next step in this process is.  Please pray though that I will be able to heal quickly, that all this pain will be gone for good, and I will be healed enough to help Erin when she has her surgery at the end of the month.  Also, please pray for us that we can get some financial aid from the hospital to bring all these bills lower, and as always that we will reach full financial support with FCA.  It’s been a very tough couple of weeks, but thank you so much for your prayers and for your continuing prayers!


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