Prayer Request – June 2, 2017

Erin and I would like to ask you to be praying for us as we have some decisions to make about our Van.  Almost 6 years ago God blessed us with a Nissan Quest mini-van that has been a huge blessing and tool for us to use for our family and ministry.  We started having some problems with the van a couple of months ago  and found out this week that it needs a Bank 1 Cad. Converter replaced.  This part and labor cost over $1,000 to get fixed.  With our van having almost 128,000 miles on it we are praying about what the smartest decision would be.  Should we pay the money and get the van fixed and hope that it will last us till at least 200,000 miles?  Or should we look to see if we can trade even for something with less mileage even if it is a smaller vehicle?  Another car payment is not in the budget right now so we can’t really trade up.  Please pray with us that God will make it clear what we should do, and then that all the finances to repair or replace will be provided.  Thanks as always for your prayers!


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