End of the 2016 Financial Update…

We are at 75% of our monthly support goal!  How will you partner with us!

Hey there, we hope this update finds you enjoying your last week of 2016.  A few weeks ago we shared with you about our financial goals for reaching full support by the end of this year.  While we haven not yet reached full support God has been blessing and we are moving towards our goal steadily.  Currently, we sit at 75% of our total support goal of getting full funded for personal expenses and all ministry expenses.  We need to raise about $500 more a month to have all personal expenses covered and $1200 a month to cover all ministry expenses.  Ministry expenses are things like travel to our schools, Bibles and study materials for coaches and athletes, and the ability to scholarship coaches and athletes to FCA camps and conferences.

So how can you help?  If you are already partnering with us financially we thank you and ask you to faithfully pray for the rest of our support to come in and for opportunities to share Christ as we build our ministry with FCA.  Also, many of you have been sharing on social media about our ministry and with your family and friends.  We thank you and ask everyone to please considering sharing with your family and friends too!

fcalogo-circlecolrIf you are not already partnering with us, please pray about how God would lead you in partnering with us.  We are looking and asking for committed financial partners who will make monthly or yearly commitments to help partner with us in ministry.  The easiest way to do this is to click on the donate link on the side of this page.  You will then be taken to our myFCA page where you can set up online giving.  If you register as an Automatic Monthly Partner you can set up for your monthly partnership support to be taken automatically each month.  Your first donation will be taken on the day you give and then  on the 20th of each month afterwards.  If you would rather send support through the mail, please message me for details on how to do so.

So how will you partner with us?  However God leads you, we appreciate your prayers.  God is faithful and even though we have a ways to go for being totally funded we know He will provide!


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