Update on Erin – December 4, 2016

team-pink-breast-cancer-awareness-tanks-women-s-bamboo-performance-tank-by-all-sportA big thank you to everyone who has been praying for Erin and our family and all who have sent their well wishes, helped with meals, or helped us in any other way.  We are truly blessed by your kindness and friendships.  I am sorry for not posting in a few days.  It’s been pretty busy around here as we have been adjusting to having Erin back at home and helping with her recovery.

On Thursday, less than 24 hours after her surgery the doctors felt she was ok enough to send her home.  I was very concerned that it was too early, since she still seemed pretty out of it.  However, we got home at about 6 pm on Thursday and she has done great.  Erin is still really sore and slow moving, but we are already seeing improvements as swelling has gone down and she has been able to leave the recliner in our bedroom and come down stairs and sit in a recliner while hanging out with the rest of our family.  On Saturday night even though we had to keep the kiddos and dogs off of her, it was nice to have her down stairs to watch a bunch of classic Christmas movies together as a family!

I also want to say how thankful we are for our families.  My sister and dad have been a huge help in taking care of our kiddos, getting them from school, staying with them, and even taking them to Beattyville for a fun weekend of Christmas parties and sleep overs.  Erin’s parents have been a huge blessing too. Her dad brought us a recliner to borrow for Erin to be able to visit with us in the living room and he has helped out with tons of errands too.  Erin’s mom Cathy has been a huge blessing staying with us and helping keep things running around the house.  God has really blessed us with a great family and we are so thankful for them!

Please continue to pray for Erin this week as she continues to heal and has follow up appointments with her surgeons.  Tomorrow she goes back to see her plastic surgeon and on Wednesday meets with her oncology surgeon.  Her big prayer is that they will be able to remove her drainage tubes as soon as possible.  They are very uncomfortable and having them gone would help her be able to move around.

Lastly, we are again so thankful for how we have seen God work and thank you all so much for everything you have done for our family!


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