Update on Erin – November 1, 2016

breast-cancer-graphicSince our last post we have had a full week of various appointments, but finally have some direction in Erin’s fight with breast cancer.  On Thursday last week we met with Erin’s cancer surgeon, her oncology doctor, and a genetic counselor.

First stop the the cancer surgeon.  We found out right away that while Erin doesn’t have a fast moving form of cancer, there is too much of it to just perform a lumpectomy.  The surgeon told Erin that right now her only choice is a mastectomy on the breast where the cancer is at and that she had the option to do a double as a preventative measure.  After conferring with the surgeon and asking many questions, Erin decided she definitely wants the double mastectomy for both prevention and peace of mind.  The doctor then set up an appointment for us to meet with a plastic surgeon and recommended we do the double mastectomy and start the reconstruction all on the same day.

Later in the afternoon, we moved over to the oncology office where we met with the oncologist.  This was one of the best meetings we had as she was able to really explain all that is going on to Erin and calm some of the worries that Erin has had.  The oncologist said the she really believes that surgery will remove all of the cancer and that even though there is no 100% guarantee that they won’t find anything else.  However, she will be very surprised and doesn’t think Erin will need chemo or radiation at all.

The last person we met with last week was the genetic counselor who asked a lot of questions about Erin’s family.  After that she drew some blood for genetic testing to see if there is any inherited genes that might have caused this or might be cause for concern about more cancer in the future.  Given that there is no real history of cancer on either side of Erin’s family, we aren’t expecting anything significant to come back on the tests but we will wait to see.

Yesterday, we met with Erin’s plastic surgeon who explained the whole reconstruction and recovery process to Erin.  It looks like all in all there will be about 3 surgeries over a six month period to complete reconstruction.  Thankfully only the first surgery that coincides with the double mastectomy requires a hospital stay.

Over all, both Erin and I are doing better in processing everything, now that we have somewhat of a plan for what is going to happen next.  Please keep praying as we are now waiting for the cancer surgeon and plastic surgeon to figure out when they can get together to do the surgery.  It looks like it will be over 5 hours of surgery and so getting a time they can both work together for that long takes awhile is what we have been told.  They are trying to get things scheduled during the beginning of December, but not sure yet.  While they assure us the cancer won’t grow much during that time, it’s still a big fear for Erin.  So as always pray that things move a long quickly and in the meantime for her to have peace from God.

We still see how God is working and taking care of us and are constantly amazed at all He is doing.  We are also, so thankful for all our friends and family that are praying for us and have offered to help our family.  You’re encouragement has blessed us more than we can express.  Thank you and keep praying!


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