Update on Erin – October 25, 2016

fullsizeoutput_a865The past week or so has been crazy busy for our family but we are so thankful for the way that we have seen God working and encouraging us.  This past weekend Erin and I had the privilege of going back to Chicago to take place in a missions conference at Bethel Community Church.  It was great to catch up with many old friends, make new friends and share with many for the first time about our new ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  We were truly blessed by our time with our Bethel Family and also very thankful to my parents who kept Maeven and Judah this weekend!

Yesterday, Erin and went to one of the health departments here in Madison County where we began doing some testing and filling out the paper work for a program to help with Erin’s medical bills.  While paper work always takes forever we are praising God that Erin was accepted into a program that should cover most if not all of Erin’s tests, treatments, procedures and whatever else she may need.  It almost seems to good to be true, but we are so thankful to see God providing for us.

Today, we took Erin to the St. Joseph East Breast Center where she had an MRI and some more testing done.  The MRI is always a stressful time, but Erin did well and I was allowed to go in and read to her for the 4o minutes or so she was in the machine.  When the MRI was completed we waited for a bit to meet with one of the doctors that had gone over her previous tests and now the MRI.  The good news is that all over Erin’s cancer appears to be localized to the left breast and has not yet spread from the ducts to the tissue and lymph nodes.  The doctor we met with did say that Erin has an early stage breast cancer that is slow moving, which is great to hear.  She did however say that even though it’s slow moving and early there does appear to be a lot of it.  She then proceeded to talk with us about some questions that Erin had and what Erin is thinking about doing as far as lumpectomy vs. a double mastectomy.

We will be going back to the breast center this Thursday to meet with the oncologist for more consultation and genetic testing, and with the surgeon who will be working to remove the cancer.  It is looking more and more likely that in the end Erin will have the double mastectomy and so we also have an appointment on Monday with a plastic surgeon to begin talking about what reconstruction will be like for Erin.

Nothing is set in stone though and we still have lots of time to pray and lots of decisions to make.  Please continue to pray for us to have wisdom in all these big decisions that are looming in the next few days.  Erin is doing much better since first being diagnosed, but still has a lot of emotional highs and lows.  Please continue to pray for her to feel the presence of God and be at peace during this battle with cancer.  Please pray that while waiting and making decisions this cancer will be slow as the doctors have said and not progress any more.  We also ask that you praise God with us for this program that Erin has been accepted in to that will help with most if not all the medical bills.  Pray with us that it is not too good to be true.  Lastly, please continue to pray for our monthly financial support with FCA.  I have already had to cancel and reschedule some potential support appointments.  Pray that I will be able to get and take the appointments we need for support raising and that the finances will come in.   More than anything though, please keep praying for Erin!



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