please pray…

Dear Friends and Family,

This past Friday, we got a call that we had hoped would never come, informing us that Erin has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The news came as quite a shock, since Erin had only discovered a lump the previous Saturday. Erin’s doctor was positive and shared that he believes they have found the cancer early and that it hasn’t spread out of the duct to any tissue or lymph-nodes.

After getting the initial news the doctor talked with Erin some more and also she was able to speak to her Cancer Coach who is walking us through this process both medically and financially. The next step for Erin is to get an MRI and genetic testing. Between these tests they hope to determine for sure how big the cancer is and also whether or not there is a likely hood of it being recurring. From there we will be meeting with the doctors to determine the best for of treatment, a lumpectomy, or maybe even a double mastectomy as a prevention of future breast cancer.

As many of you know Erin and I are not on medical insurance, but belong to a Christian share program with Samaritan’s Ministries. Samaritan’s has always been great at working with us to pay our medical bills, but for Erin’s testing the hospital wants to be paid upfront. The good news is that it looks like we are probably going to qualify for a program that will cover the cost of Erin’s tests and procedures, even covering retroactively the tests she had last week. While we have been discouraged lately that we haven’t reached full support with FCA, it looks like it may be a blessing that support has been low the past two months as it will allow us to qualify for this program for tests and procedures. We are really praying that all will go well for us to get on this program.

As you can guess, things here have been really emotional as are still processing the idea of Erin having cancer. However, even in the emotions and wondering why, we are seeing God work. In less than a week we moved from Erin finding the lump to getting into one of the best breast cancer hospitals in our area to find our her diagnosis. We also have seen how God is working through things like our support and qualifying for this program. Erin and I have no doubt that God is going to take care of through everything and take care of our family as well.

If you are just finding out about Erin’s diagnosis through reading this I do apologize. We tried to contact as many people as we could before sharing online. People across the country and around the world are praying for Erin and our family and take comfort in knowing how much you all care for us. Many have asked us how they can help our family during this time and the biggest way that anyone can help right now is by praying for us. I wanted to share some specific prayer requests that you can join us in praying for

  • Pray that Erin’s cancer will be localized and not spread.
  • Pray for Erin as she is still processing everything and emotions are still running very high.
  • Pray for our children during this time. Judah thankfully is still really unaware of what is going on. Maeven knows that mommy is sick and is worried, so we are explaining things to here that Mommy is sick in her chest and will be going to the doctor a lot. Pray that she will not be anxious and worried.
  • Pray that Erin will be accepted into this financial help program to cover the costs of tests and procedures.
  • Pray for our Financial Support with FCA. We are at about 66% of our goal and need more monthly support partners to join us. Pray that new partners will join us, current partners will stay faithful, and that those who have pledged support will start their support as soon as possible. If you are interested in knowing how to support please let us know. Not having support issues hanging over our family during this time would be a blessing and major stress reliever during this time.
  • Just pray that during this time we would feel the presence and peace of Christ. That we would seek Him for wisdom in all decisions and in the midst of al this uncertainty that we will be a testimony to all we come in contact with.

Thank you so much for praying and for loving our family during this time. If you have any questions or anything please contact me (Andy) as I am trying to just give Erin space and time to process everything. Thank you again for your prayers.

In Him,
Andy Owens


7 Replies to “please pray…”

  1. We certainlyknow the ugly face of cancer….but we also know the face of our God! Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Please feel free to use us as a sound board. We are praying for you all!
    Cecille & Allen Booth

  2. You’ve been on my heart and in our prayers since we first found out on Sunday. Praying that you will not be overwhelmed and for peace for all of you like you’ve never known before. Love Diana

  3. Your family are in our prayers Andy and Erin. We pray for peace in knowing God is in control and in knowing He answers prayers. We pray you will have the faith, strength, and ability to do what’s needed for your family to get through this period of trial and uncertainty. We love you and will have you in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Prayers for Erin and her family as the doctors figure out a plan for what will work best for her. May God wrap his loving arms around you and give you strength and courage as you begin this battle.

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