September 29, 2016 – Owens Family Ministry Update

Greetings from Richmond, KY where we are continuing to get plugged into our new life and new ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  This week I (Andy) have been able to start visiting some schools in our Central Kentucky FCA region.  One school is one that I will be regularly covering and working with.  And while I didn’t get to meet everyone involved with FCA there, it was great to make contact and see how they are already doing great things for Christ at their school.  I also had the chance to travel with Jonathan, another FCA Representative, and visit one of his schools that he covers.  It was great to see first hand his interaction with the students and what a huddle that’s different than the ones I have worked with looks like.  I am excited to get to travel with some more of our FCA staff over the next few weeks and see what their ministries with the schools look like.

This week, I have also been given the task of working on our Central Kentucky FCA website.  I always enjoyed working on the Rec Center website and helping my mom with the KMM website, so it was nice to hop into something I really enjoy and that can help with our local FCA office.  I’m still not completely done with the site and I am sure I will be making regular changes as I figure things out, but be sure to check out and see how our regional site works.

Since our newsletter went out last week we have been blessed to have a couple of more people come on to our Home Support Team.  We are at about 65% of our total support goal of where we want to be to cover all our living and ministry expenses.  Erin and I are praying that God will provide ministry partners in the next two weeks that will total up to $1,200 in monthly support commitments.  This amount will not put us at our over all goal, but will be enough to cover all our living expense and our basic ministry travel expenses.  Would you please pray about if God would have you to join our home team.  There is a donate link on our page where you can go and click on my name Andy Owens and it will take you directly to our MY FCA page where you can give online.  No matter what please pray with us for the remainder of our support team to come in and also that many who have made commitments will begin their support soon.

Maeven celebrating her birthday by playing pie face!
Maeven celebrating her birthday by playing pie face!

I’d like to end this post on a non ministry related note.  This Friday, September 30th we are celebrating our sweet girl, Maeven’s 6th birthday!!!  We can’t believe its already been 6 years that God has blessed us with such a wonderful daughter.  Maeven has had a busy week of celebrating her birthday with friends and family.  We’ve also been getting great reports on how she is doing at school and her teacher was so happy that Maeven is kind to everyone.  Erin and I are so thankful for Maeven (and Judah too!) and can’t wait to see how God is going to use her!


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