Maeven our sweet little singer…

We have been happy to be able to share with you our prayers for Judah’s speech and the way God has provided the therapy he needs at EKU and lots of other things that have really worked out for him through our move to Richmond.  Maeven too has been going through lots of new things as a result of our move and ministry change.  She has started Kindergarten and is doing great.  She can’t wait to go each morning, which is a trend we hope continues throughout her school years.  One of the other things about our girl is she loves to sing praises to God.  Over the past couple of weeks she has had several chances to sing in public and has done a great job.  Two weeks ago we were at my parents church, Bear Track Bible Church, and Maeven got to sing with some of her friends from camp this summer.  This week at our church, Eastside Community Church, Maeven once again was able to get up and sing.  We thought we would share videos with you of our sweet girl singing.  Maeven truly has a heart for God and we can’t wait to see how He is going to use her to do great things for His kingdom!


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