Support Raising Boot Camp in Kansas City…

FCAnscSignThis week I (Andy) took one of the first steps on our way to being full time missionaries with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  On Monday morning, bright and early, I drove to Lexington where I caught a flight to Kansas City for a few days of Support Raising Boot Camp at the FCA National Support Center.

All in all it was a week of first for me.  My first trip to Kansas City, first trip to the FCA National Support Center, and after over 11 years of being in full time ministry, my first support raising training.  During our training we went over all the ins and outs of support raising.  We went over how things support raising is biblical, obstacles and road blocks to support raising, techniques to gain support team members, how to maintain and grow supporters, and what we are going to do to get started.  During the Boot Camp we also did lots of role playing where we practiced giving our ministry presentations and asking people to join our support team and even made phone calls to set up appointments to share about our ministry with FCA.

FCA National Support Center

It was a great trip where I really feel like I gained confidence in being able to go out and raise the funds we need as go on staff with FCA.  I also realized that there were times I have not been the greatest about keeping up with our support team, and that is something that will definitely be changing as we move forward.  I was also just very encouraged and excited as I got to meet and make new friends with FCA staff from all over the United States.  There were staff that were fresh out of college there to staff that were several years older than me, and yet we were all there ready to get our funds raised and start working with students and coaches.

My view from the NSC of the KC Royals stadium and Arrow Head Stadium where the Chiefs play

In the coming months, I will be taking all the valuable tools I learned this week and applying them as we go out and talk to various individuals and churches about coming on our support team.  Who knows?  You may even get a call from me to hear about all the great things God is doing with FCA!



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