Owens Family Ministry Update – February 14, 2016

7 years already!!!

Greetings from Beattyville, where Erin and I are currently celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary!  And how do we celebrate such a joyous occasion?  Well as the true romantics we are, we are staying in with two sick kiddos.  Even though we are stuck inside we are so thankful for the seven wonderful years of marriage and that we have two great kiddos to take care of on sick days!

Since our last update, much has been going on.  I (Andy) wrapped up another season of helping coach our high school bowling team.  While I don’t know that I impart much bowling wisdom, I try to be there to be as an example and encourager to the students.  I strive to help teach sportsmanship, point students to Christ, and just be there for whatever they may need.  Our students did well in the regional tournament and now we are done for the season.  Pray that they will still come to the Rec Center in the off season where we can continue to work with them.

Maeven showing off her new hair cut!


During the Super Bowl last week, we had an FCA Super Bowl outreach party at our house.  We had students over for a fun night of food, laughing at commercials, and watching the big game.  Most importantly, we stopped the tv at halftime and spent some time in God’s Word talking about what a devoted follower of Christ looks like.

Along the same theme as our Super Bowl Party outreach, I (Andy) have been leading a study of the book “Not A Fan”at Bear Track Bible Church on Wednesday nights.  It’s been great to talk with the church about being a fan of Christ vs. being a true follower of Christ. We still have two more weeks of the study to go, so please be praying for us!


Judah our scary tiger!

Maeven and Judah have been doing well.  This past week they had Valentine’s parties in their pre-school classes and even got to attend the birthday party of a friend from church. Maeven has been doing great with learning to write her name, and with the help of her Momma, made a sign for our front door to tell people about Jesus.  Judah is speaking more and better each week and still is passionate about his love for animals.  He can’t wait for it to be warm enough to go to the zoo again.  Erin has been doing well, but has had some fibromyalgia flair ups lately too.  Please pray that this won’t hold her back from doing all she wants and needs to do.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support.  We have much coming up in the next few weeks that we will keep you posted on.  God is doing some great things and we can’t wait to be able to share again with you!


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