January 4, 2016 – Owens Family Ministry Update

2016 is here and we made it!  As usual the new year got off to a busy start for our family as the Lee County Recreational Center held it’s annual New Year’s Eve Teen Lock-In.  Over 109 teens and adult chaperones attended this outreach and helped us ring in the new year.  Normally, I (Andy) would sort of facilitate and help make sure the night runs smoothly and find a speaker to share the Gospel with the students.  For this Lock-In, I realized that I hadn’t scheduled a speaker and so I ended up speaking.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to share with the students about how God’s will for their lives is good, pleasing, and perfect and that they shouldn’t conform the labels that the World places on them.  I’m not one to throw out casually that I feel the Spirit moving, but that night as I gave the devotion I did have a peace from God that I was sharing just what He wanted met to share and that He was working in the hearts of our students.  Please join us in praying that we will see students make decisions for Christ as a result of the Lock-In outreach.

Maeven and Judah have had a great start to the New Year as they went to their Mimi and Pop’s for New Year’s.  They were also able to take one of their Christmas gifts and go to Build-A-Bear and each get a new buddy.  We even had break through’s in Sunday School this week as both of our kids were able to tell us their lesson, Judah actually colored, and Maeven wrote her name on here Sunday School paper all by herself!  After a two week break, both of our kiddos are excited to go back to Pre-School this week to see their teachers and friends.

Maeven and Judah and their new stuffed pals
Maeven and Judah and their new stuffed pals

Today we are starting the second semester of our After School Jr. Bowling Outreach.  Join us in praying for this awesome outreach.  Pray that students will remember after being off for a couple of weeks and come back to day.  Most of all pray, that they will be receptive to the Word and open to talking with our staff about Jesus!

2016 looks to be a busy year with lots of opportunities and changes.  Please keep our family in your prayers and thank you so much for your faithfulness!


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