Owens Family Update – May 4, 2015

Greetings from Beattyville.  As we get ready to enter the month of May lots of things are going on here that we wanted to bring you up to date on.

01. Golf_Tournamet_Flyer2 copyThings get busy this weekend with our annual Golf Scramble Fundraiser for the Lee County Recreational Center.  This is by far the biggest fundraiser that we do each year.  Please be praying this week for great weather and a great turn out for this event.  Also, if you are in the area please come out and join us, even if you don’t golf.  We will have plenty of hamburgers, hotdogs, and polish sausages at the Sag Hollow Golf Course in Booneville, KY from noon to 2pm on Saturday, May 9.

Our next big thing this month comes on Saturday, May 16, from 6pm to 10 pm.  We are having a Pre-Teen Lock-In for students finishing 3rd Grade through finishing 6th Grade.  At this event the students will get to do all the fun things our teens do at a typical all night lock-in, but only stay 4 hours.  Please pray for me (Andy)  as I will be sharing a devotion with the students.  Pray that I will clearly communicate to them how much God loves them and pray that many students will come and hear about Christ.

At the end of the month on May 29 we are having our annual End of the School Year Teen-Lock-In for students finishing 7th Grade through students graduating high school.  At this event Andy’s dad, William Owens, will be giving the devotional to the students.  Please pray for him as he prepares and that this outreach will reach many students for Christ.  Also, with it being the Friday before high school graduation our students will have many options for parties and places to be where they could get into a lot of trouble. Please pray that they will choose to join us instead.

UnDefeated-Logos_3_legacyThroughout May many other things are going on as well.  We are wrapping up the end of the school year with our FCA Huddles at the high school and the middle school.  Several of our students that we have had in FCA since their 6th grade year are graduating this year and so it’s a bit sad and exciting for us at the same time.  Pray that they will stay strong in their relationship with Christ and that they would seek Him in all their future plans.  Also be praying for us as we are working with a new group of students to be on our leadership team next year and to go to FCA Leadership Camp with us this summer.  We have lots of fundraising to do and this camp will be a great experience for our students.

At the Lee County Rec Center we are wrapping up our Fall/Winter bowling leagues and getting ready to start our summer bowling leagues.  In the summer things slow down usually at the Rec Center and so we really need a solid turnout for these summer leagues.

IMG_0268In family news, we have also been very busy.  Maeven spent two nights a week in April taking swimming lessons and is a little fish who can’t wait for the camp pool to open in the next few weeks.  Judah is progressing with his speech which is an answer to prayer. However, on May 11, we are taking him to Shriner’s Hospital in Lexington, KY to get his feet checked out.  In April, Judah had some x-rays that showed he has some curvature in the bones in his feet.  We are not sure what this means, whether he will have to wear corrective foot wear, or whether or not he will just grow out of it.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers for Judah.

IMG_0252Erin is enjoying being able to get the kids outside to play more and has been working with our dogs as we prepare for two litters of puppies arriving in June.  She is much improved in her health since last year, but still has days where her fibromyalgia flairs up and causes her severe discomfort.  Pray that those days will be few and far between.  I (Andy) have been enjoying being able to get out and do some yard work and do some grilling.

As always, thank you so much for your continued prayers for our family.  We are entering another busy season and are so thankful for your partnership and encouragement!


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