Owens Family Ministry Update – February 16, 2015

Super Bowl Selfie
Super Bowl Selfie

Greetings from Beattyville.  Our family is in the middle of staying warm and preparing for snow, but for the most part it’s been a pretty mild winter here so far.  That has been a nice change as we haven’t had to cancel or reschedule various ministries like we typically have to do this time of year.

Our After School Jr. Bowling League program at the Rec Center is going well and we have close to 30 students joining us each week.  It’s been a blessing to get to know these kids and build relationships with them.  A couple of weeks ago Preacher Bill and his two dummies, Henry and Homer, came and shared about Jesus with the students!

Maeven and Judah enjoying popcorn and a movie!
Maeven and Judah enjoying popcorn and a movie!

In January, Erin and the ladies from the community held another meeting of The Well.  Erin enjoys this time of encouraging young mothers and caretakers of young children in our community.  Our kids also enjoy this outreach because they get to play with the kids of the ladies who attend.

On Super Bowl Sunday we hosted our annual FCA Super Bowl Outreach at our house.  Around 20 of our FCA students joined us to watch the game and at halftime Andy shared a devotion with the students and presented the Gospel!

Another season of helping coach the LCHS Bowling Team has come to an end for Andy.  Last weekend, the Region 8 Bowling tournament was held in Richmond, KY.  Andy was able to help coach the boys and girls teams and unfortunatley, no one advanced to state this year.  It was exciting though, to see how many of our students are improving in their bowling skills and jus to have an opportunity to be a witness to the student athletes.

Celebrating 6 Years of Marriage!
Celebrating 6 Years of Marriage!

For most of the winter our family has been doing well health wise.  In the past three weeks though 1/2 of our family  has been hit hard.  Judah battled the flu for a couple of weeks and is finally getting better.  Erin had what started out as a cough but got worse and worse, until she had to go to the doctor.  Unfortunately she now has pneumonia which has been really wearing her down.  On February 14th we celebrated our 6th anniversary at home with the kiddos so that she could get the rest that she could hopefully get better soon!  Maeven is doing well and so far her and I have avoided getting sick!

In the weeks ahead we have much going on including the YHBC Couples Retreat, bowling leagues at the Rec Center, and hopefully taking some of our FCA Students to look at Moody Bible Institute in March.   Please keep us in your prayers and thank you so much for your faithfulness!


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