January 2015 Praise and Prayer

Each month during the KMM Staff meeting the staff bring a Praise and Prayer List that we share with each other so that we can be praying more specifically for each other.  This past week we had a delayed staff meeting from January and here is the list we shared with our fellow KMM staff members.  We hope that you will join in praying for us and praising God for all He is doing!


  • For the opportunity to participate in the FCA Coach and Spouse Conference.
  • For the over 110 students who came out to our Rec Center New Year’s Eve Lock-In and heard the Gospel.
  • For the students who came to our house for a Super Bowl outreach party where Andy shared the Gospel at halftime.
  • For opportunities to build relationships and show the love of Christ to our high school bowling team.


  • Continue to pray that Judah’s speech and vocabulary will grow.
  • For spiritual growth in the lives of the ladies who participate in The Well.
  • For us as we have helped start a Sunday school class at our church for college age and young adults.
  • That the students we work with would make their relationship with Christ the number one priority in their lives.

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