October 26, 2014 Owens Family Ministry Update…

Maeven participating in the Woolly Worm Festival Pet Show
Maeven participating in the Woolly Worm Festival Pet Show

Greetings from Beattyville, where we are in the midst of the big annual Woolly Worm Festival!  It’s been a fun weekend for us as Maeven participated in her first ever Pet Show with her dog Lolo.  She did great and little brother Judah was there to cheer her on!

The past couple of weeks since our last post have been very busy and exciting.  Last weekend our family went to Chicago to attend a Missions Summit at Bethel Community Church.  This is the church where Andy attended when he was studying and working at Moody Bible Institute.  We were blessed to be able to spend time with great friends at Bethel and to share about the various ministries we are involved in with KMM.  The kids also had a blast seeing the city and making new friends!

Judah enjoying a slide in Chicago!
Judah enjoying a slide in Chicago!

Back at the Rec Center we are busy gearing up for our annual Fall Teen Lock-In that takes place this coming Friday, October 31st.   We are expecting around 200 teens to come out and join us for this outreach.  Please pray that God would begin working in the hearts of ours students now and give our speaker wisdom as he prepares his message for the teens.  And very important, please pray that we have plenty of volunteer chaperones!

Tomorrow morning we have our monthly KMM staff meeting and one of the things we have to do each month is share a praise and prayer list with our fellow staff members.  We wanted to share our praise and prayer for this month with you so that you can know how to pray for us specifically in the next few days.  As always thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!


  • For the opportunity to go to Chicago and participate in Bethel Community Church’s annual Missions Summit.
  • That we were able to visit with many friends while in Chicago.
  • For all the students who are going to FCA’s Weekend of Champions with us.
  • Judah did not have to receive any speech therapy and his vocabulary is growing!


  • For safety traveling over the next couple of months
  • For plenty of volunteers to help with our upcoming teen lock-ins at the Rec Center
  • That our FCA student who attend Weekend of Champions will be challenged to grow in their walk with Christ and there maybe some students who attend who are unsaved, so pray they will accept Christ as their Lord and Savior!
  • For Maeven who has been having some anxiety lately.

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