Owens Family Update – September 15, 2014

allinlogoIt’s been a little while since our last update and I would like to apologize for that. Even though we have been busy and behind on our updates, we do thank you for your much needed and appreciated prayers and support!

Since your last post, many of our school year ministries have began again. All of our bowling leagues are back up and going at the Rec Center. After a slow summer it’s great to have many of our bowlers returning as well as new bowlers. Please pray that through these leagues we will have opportunities to build relationships and share Christ!

Last Monday, our After School Jr. Bowling League started again with over 50 local elementary and middle school age kids attending. During this league we pick up students after school every Monday and bring them to the Rec Center for bowling and pizza. Through teaching them bowling skills and just getting to know them, we hope to share with our students about how much jesus loves them. Also, once a month myself or someone else will be leading a devotion with our students. Please pray that through this league both our parents and students will clearly hear about Christ and accept Him as their personal Savior!

With the new school year also comes the return of our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Huddles. These are weekly meetings in the local high school and middle school where we are able to both share Jesus and disciple students in the schools. This year our FCA theme is “All In” and we have been challenging our students to go “All In” in their relationships with Christ and truly make Him Lord of their lives. So far our middle school huddle is really growing, but our high school huddle has been down this year. Pray that we will be able to have a great impact for Christ in our schools.

Our family is doing really well. Maeven has started attending a local daycare once a week and has been really excited about getting to hang out with other little kids her own age. Judah is going through the joys of potty training, but is pretty happy as long as he has his stuff elephant with him. Erin is doing well, but still has some daily struggles with her gluten allergy and herniated disk. Please keep praying for health and well being. I (Andy) have been battling some sinus allergies, but have really enjoyed being able to be able to read with our kids and share Jesus with them each night before bed.

God is doing some awesome things and we thank you so much for your partnership in the ministry here!


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