Owens Family Ministry Update – July 13, 2014

AC Units being installed...
AC Units being installed…

I (Andy) am writing this after a very exciting week at the Lee County Recreational Center.  After being with out AC for over a year and a half we now have cool air at the Rec Center!!! Not only is this a good thing for personal comfort, but we are excited because it has honestly been so hot that we have had many patrons that had given up bowling and coming out due to the heat.  We are so very thankful for the many that stuck with us and supported us through the heat.  Now we are hoping and praying that the cool air will encourage those who stuck with us and bring back many old and new faces for the various events and outreaches at the Rec Center.  Please keep us in your prayers as we need to raise over $3,000 to pay off the remainder of this project!

Judah riding horses w/ Aunt Amanda
Judah riding horses w/ Aunt Amanda

This past we were also blessed with a great week at Youth Haven Bible Camp.  I had the opportunity to take students students to and from YHBC.  Talking to the students as they were nervous on Monday and then so excited about all they had done at camp, the people they had met, and about what they had learned in chapel was very encouraging.  We were also blessed to have our pastor, Terry Leap, be the chapel speaker at YHBC.  He did an incredible job sharing from God’s Word with the students and it was great to spend time catching up too.

Maeven riding horses w/ Cubs Campers @ YHBC
Maeven riding horses w/ Cubs Campers @ YHBC

Maeven reached another milestone this week as she was able to spend part of the week going to Cubs Camp at YHBC all on her own.  She loved swimming and riding horses especially.  Judah is also getting to be a big boy and so far his favorite part of summer is discovering sunglasses.  Erin is doing well and been keeping busy delivering puppies and keeping the kids involved in Cubs Camp and various other events.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!


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