Owens Family Update – May 12, 2014

Greetings from the Owens Family.  Since our last update much has been happening and not happening!

Last week we wrapped up our After School Jr. Bowling League for the year.  We had an awards ceremony where all the kids received various awards for their participation and accomplishments throughout the year.  I (Andy) was able to talk to the kids and share with them about how much Jesus loved them and also to talk with them about us helping to find them a local church if they aren’t attending one.  Pray with us that seeds planted this school year will lead to these students putting their faith in Christ!

01. Golf Scramble 2014 PosterFor the past few weeks we have been working gathering donations and planning our annual Lee County Recreational Center Golf Scramble.  Unfortunately, this past weekend we had so much rain that we had to postpone the scramble until May 31st.  Please pray that this postponement, will turn out to be a blessing where we can have more participation and raise more funds that are much needed for the Recreational Center!

This past week, I began working on some grants to help raise funds for the some upcoming programs that we hope to begin this fall at the Rec Center.  To be honest sometimes I feel like I am in a little over my head when it comes to grant writing.  That being said, God blessed and I was actually able finish one grant this week and submit it.  Please pray that God will continue to lead us to grant foundations that will help further the ministry here and also that He will continue to give me the perseverance to write the grants correctly!

We have also began working with our FCA Leadership team on a weekly Bible study.  We are currently doing the “Not a Fan” study for teens.  So far we have really enjoyed going deeper with our teens and challenging them to take a deeper look at their relationship with Christ.  Are they fans of Christ or true followers?  Please pray that they will grow in their faith and pray for Erin and I as week seek to disciple them.

Our family is doing well and Maeven and Judah are really enjoying the warm weather.  They have already enjoyed several trips to play in the creek at Natural Bridge State Park and love making a water slide on their swing set.  Erin is continuing to do well and making great improvements in her health since going gluten free.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support of our family!


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