Owens Family Ministry Update – April 7, 2014

Judah enjoying sliding at Church!
Judah enjoying sliding at Church!

Greetings from the land of the Big Blue Nation!  We are all excited here as we get to cheer on our Wildcats in tonight’s basketball national championship game.  Erin and I have a group of our students who we hope to take to FCA Leadership camp coming over tonight to plan camp registration fundraisers and to cheer on our team!  While we would never ask you to pray for UK, we do ask you to be praying for these students as we seek to disciple them and to raise the funds necessary to take them to FCA Leadership Camp this summer!

Since our last post we have had lots of things going on here.  Our bowling leagues have been super busy and weather has finally been cooperating enough that people have been coming back out.  Finally being able to have back to back weeks in our Jr. Bowling League has led to more students coming back out which means more that we can interact with and share the love of Jesus with.

In our FCA Huddles we have been sharing with the students the importance of being a servant and how Christ came as a servant.  Getting the chance to go through Phillipians with our students and talk about how Christ emptied Himself of His Glory in order to come and be a servant and die for our sins and rise again has been a huge blessing to us.  It has allowed us to go a little bit deeper with our students and we are seeing growth in their lives as we do so!

Erin was finally able to have the March monthly meeting of “The Well!”  Several mothers came out including some new faces.  It was a huge encouragement to Erin as these women opened up and shared honestly about the issues that were going on in their lives and were able to encourage and pray with and for one another.  Please pray that these women will keep coming!

Maeven sliding...
Maeven sliding…

Our family is doing well and the kids have been keeping us busy.  Between watching Frozen over and over and listening to both kids sings songs from the movie, Erin and I have been thoroughly entertained.  Last week for the first time the kids were able to experience Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Judah loved riding the mechanical horse and Maeven squirting the water gun games.  They have truly been a joy to us and we love seeing them grow each day!

As always thank you so much for your prayers and support!


1. Pray for our FCA Leadership Team as we begin to raise funds for Leadership Camp.

2. Pray for our teen Sunday School Class as we start teaching a section on defending your faith this weekend.

3. Pray for upcoming fundraisers for the Rec Center!



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