Owens Family Ministry Update – March 24, 2014

Our birthday boy!
Our birthday boy!

Since last week’s post our baby boy Judah has turned the big 2!!!  Last Wednesday was Judah’s birthday and yesterday we had a small party with our family for him.  While Judah wasn’t sure what was going on he loved the food and presents.  We are so thankful for Judah and so glad to celebrate his birthday with family!

On Saturday night, we held a Pre-Teen LockIN for 3rd through 6th grade students at the Rec Center.  Unfortunately, we had beautiful weather that led to a lower turn out than we expected.  We are extremely thankful though for the 22 students who came out and heard the Gospel.  KMM missionary Mark Coburn shared a devotional with the students and they were very attentive.  Please pray that the seeds that were planted last night will lead to decisions to follow Christ.

Our FCA Huddles went really well this week as we talked with the students about being totally committed to Christ in every area of their life.  We are also starting to talk to our high school students about joining our leadership team and possibly going to FCA Leadership Camp this summer.  Please pray with us that strong student leaders will emerge!

This week we have lots going on here and would appreciate your prayers.  Erin and the KMM ladies are going to have their monthly meeting of “The Well” tonight.  They were supposed to meet last week but due to snow had to reschedule.  At the Rec Center we have leagues going on and lots of people in and out that we are going to be working with.  And this week we will also have our monthly club day FCA Huddles where we get a chance to share the Gospel with many students who don’t regularly attend FCA or church.

As always thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!

Prayer Requests

1. Pray that lives will be impacted for Christ at “The Well”

2. For opportunities to share Christ with all who come into the Rec Center this week

3. For our FCA Club Day Huddles that Andy will be able to clearly share the Gospel and that students will be receptive to Christ!


***Since writing this post I was informed that “The Well” has been moved to next Monday night!***


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