Owens Family Ministry Update – March 16, 2014

Pre-Teen Lock In FlyerGreetings once again from Beattyville.  This has been a week of various temperatures and weather patterns, but nothing that changed our ministry plans for once, so we are praising God for that!

On Monday, we had our After School Jr. Bowling League outreach at the Rec Center.  19 students joined us this week and we had a great time.  I (Andy) had the pleasure of working with 5 grade school boys as they bowled.  It was fun getting to know them and helping them stay focused enough to complete their bowling games.  We are praying that the students who missed last week will come back again this week and that we will be able to share Jesus with them.

Our FCA Huddles were back in full force this week.  In both the middle school and high school we were able to share with our students the importance of meditating on the scripture both day and night.  Our main passage was Psalm 1 and we had some really good feedback from our students .  Unfortunately this week our FCA after school Bible study on Thursday none of our students came.  With this being the our first attempt to have a Bible study this semester, most of our students had forgotten.  Please join us in praying that our students will come back this week!

Maeven and Judah have been enjoying being back home and playing with their church friends and friends that Erin babysits.  On Friday, they really enjoyed going to the new park in Beattyville and riding all the slides.  Then on Saturday, we were all blessed to go celebrate Erin’s Mom’s birthday.

In the next week, we have lots going on in our various ministries.  On Monday night, Erin and the KMM ladies will be hosting their first meeting of “The Well”  at Youth Haven for local mothers and caretakers of young children.  We have two FCA huddles and our After School Bible study this week.  And then on Saturday night we have our first Pre-Teen Lock-In Outreach at the Rec Center where 3rd-6th grade students get a 4 hour mini lock in outreach!

As you begin your week please pray with us for the following things!

1. Pray for Erin as she prepares for and speaks to local women at “The Well.”

2. Pray that students will come back to our FCA Bible study and huddles after being off for so long because of bad weather.

3. Pray for students to come out to our Pre-Teen Lock-In Outreach next Saturday night and that they will make decisions to follow Christ!!!


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