Owens Family Update – Week of January 24, 2014

Mr. Smiley
Mr. Smiley

Greetings again from Beattyville, KY!  Over the past couple of weeks since our last update we have finally enjoyed a break in the weather and gotten back into a bit of a normal ministry schedule!

Last week for the second time this we were able to have our weekly After School Jr. Bowling League at the Rec Center.  We had 19 students come back to join us for a fun afternoon of bowling, food, and fun.  Hopefully, the weather will stay good and we will be able to keep bringing back even more of our students that were attending before Christmas!

We have also been able to get back to our FCA huddles.  Last week, Andy was able to talk to the students about the importance of leaving a legacy for Christ at their schools.  We seemed to have really good discussion with the students and were encouraged at their response.  Please keep praying for our students that they will be brave and bold for Christ!

This past weekend we were able to attend Youth Haven Bible Camp’s annual Couples Retreat.  Erin and I were so thankful that several people from our church were able to attend the conference with us.  We were especially thankful that several members of our church’s worship team were able to come lead worship for the conference.  KMM Associate Director, Dr. David Price, was the main speaker and we were really encouraged and challenged to grow in our marriage for Christ!

Our Silly girl!

Maeven and Judah are doing great.  This weekend they got the opportunity to stay with Erin’s parents while we attended the couples retreat.  Staying with Meme and Pop was a blast and Maeven loved telling us about playing with Meme’s dollhouse and getting Happy Meals!

On Saturday night several friends from church came to the Rec Center for a Sunday school bowling party.  Maeven and Judah both had fun chasing all the other kids around the center and doing some bumper bowling.  We also had fun just being able to get to know these other families a little better.

It’s been a good few weeks since our last post and we are excited to see what God is going to do in the next few weeks!  Thanks for your prayers and support!


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