Owens Family Update – February 9, 2014

Our little cowgirl!
Our little cowgirl!

Its been a couple of weeks since we were last able to do an update, and with the bad weather we have experienced there hasn’t been much to report.  With all the snow and cold temperatures our students have been out of school and we have only had one huddle this semester.  Last weekend, on Super Bowl Sunday we were able to have a break in the weather where our students came out to our house for a Super Bowl party.  We had a great time with the students and Maeven loves playing with the “teenagers.”  At half time of the game, I (Andy) was able to give a devotional about how just like the football players have specific gifts and roles they use and play on the team God has give us each specific role and gifts to serve Him.

At the Rec Center weather has kept us from having various leagues and youth outreaches over the past few week.  With no school, there still has been only 1 week of our jr. bowling league.  Please be praying that our students will get back in school and that the weather will break so people will come back out to the Rec Center.  We need their business in order to fund the center and our outreaches.

Health Screening Flyer 2014On a more happy note at the Rec Center this coming Friday we will be having our annual Health Screening and Health Fair.  Our local hospital and our local health department will be at the Rec Center doing blood pressure checks, lipid panels, cholesterol checks, diet information, stop smoking information, and much more.  It’s free for anyone in our community to attend and once again while we try to help them with their physical health it gives us a chance to have conversations and build relationships that will hopefully lead to sharing the Gospel.

Judah playing Batman!

Our family is finally starting to get healthy after several weeks of battling different bugs and viruses.  Judah has had it rough battling a bad case of the croup.  We are praying that our sweet little boy returns and that the moody sick side of him will go away soon!  Maeven has been having fun in the snow and working on a valentine’s box to collect valentine cards in.  Erin has been battling sickness and we think she is improving finally.  I am trying to get some various fundraising ideas for the Rec Center in motion and also plan some outreaches planned as well.

Please continue to pray for our family and the ministries of KMM.  Thank you so much for your faithfulness!


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