Late January 2013 Owens Family Update…

1st time sledding...
1st time sledding…

January’s weather has definitely changed our ministry schedule to be sure.  This past week we were covered in snow and cold temperatures which led to there being no school all week here in Lee County.  No school, in turn meant no FCA Huddles at our schools.  With more bad weather scheduled for this week, we are not sure if we will get back into our huddles this coming week either.  Please pray that in this down time of no huddles that our students will keep having their own quiet times and grow in their relationships with Christ!

The bad weather has also been rough on the Rec Center as some leagues have had to be cancelled and also low turn out for others.  We really need a break in the weather to get people back out and into our facility!

Erin and the kids have had a big week.  On Tuesday the kids got to experience sledding and snow cream for the first time.  Maeven wants to do everything herself on the sled and Judah was not quite sure what to make of the snow.  At the end of the week, Erin loaded up the kiddos and joined her parents for a weekend trip to Pittsburgh where they celebrated a late Christmas with her brothers family.  The kids loved getting to play with their cousins, swimming in Meme and Pop’s hotel pool, and going sledding again.  It was great for Erin to spend some quality time with her family too!

This week looks to be a busy week if the weather cooperates.  I (Andy) will be sharing in our church (Emmanuel Baptist) on Wednesday night about the ministries of KMM.  Throughout the week we have various bowling leagues and activities at the Rec Center.  This weekend the LCHS Bowling team has their regional bowling tournament and I will be helping coach with that.

superbowlIn the past we have had Super Bowl Outreaches at the Rec Center where we invite kids out to watch the game and then share a devotional at half time.  For the past couple of years we have mainly had FCA students and KMM staff attend and so next week we are doing things a bit different.  Erin and I are having our first ever FCA Super Bowl party at our house and I will share a devotional at halftime.  Please pray that the weather cooperates and we will be able to each many students!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!


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