Owens Family Update — January 20, 2014

This weekend Erin and  I had the pleasure of attending an FCA Coaches Time Out Conference in Lexington, KY.  It was great to be able to have some time together and to be refreshed as we sat under some very wise council and teaching.  We were able to attend seminars on becoming a better coach, having a better marriage, finances, and growing in our personal relationships with Christ.  We were also blessed by small group times where we were able to interact, pray with, and discuss ministry ideas and personal growth issues with other teachers, coaches, and people involved in Sports Ministry.  We are definitely leaving the conference refreshed and ready implement what we have learned into our lives and ministry roles.

This coming week has much in store for us as we hope to avoid snow and get back into FCA again at our schools.  The high school bowling team also has some home bowling matches at the Rec Center. Pray for opportunities to share Jesus with our team and their families this week.

Maeven and Judah are doing well and had a big weekend staying with their Grammie and Grumpie (Andy’s parents) while we were at our FCA conference.  Maeven has also been getting very artistic and making cards and drawings for all her family and friends.  I (Andy) have at least 5 pictures to take and hang in my office this week!  Judah is keeping us on our toes as he likes to follow us around the house and get into whatever mommy and daddy are doing.  Tis includes trying o climb in the dishwasher!

As always we appreciate and are so thankful for your continued prayers and support!


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