Owens Family Update – January 13, 2014

Greetings again from Beattyville and our family!  The start of the New Year has been a rough one for our family health wise, but I am happy to report that we are on the mend and lots has been going on.

At the Rec Center this past week we had to put starting back  our After School Jr. Bowling League.  The weather was so bad and cold that our students were out of school all week. So when there is no school there is no after school league.

On Saturday, our high school bowling team had two bowling matches at the Rec Center.  I (Andy) helped with coaching the boys teams.  I’m not much of a bowling coach, but I really enjoy the opportunity to interact with the students and also how the matches bring so many new people into discover the Rec Center.  Our students bowled great and won both of their matches over all!

On Sundays, Erin and I have had the privilege of teaching the teen Sunday School Class at our church.  Currently we are teaching a section on ethics and morality in our class and today we dealt specifically with the issue of whether or not what we eat matters to God.  It’s a rare topic to be discussed in a youth group, but we were able to talk with the students about both ends of the spectrum from gluttony to eating disorders and how what we eat can be a way to bring honor to God.

This coming week the New Year continues to take off.  Today we will have our first After School Jr. Bowling League of the year and are hoping to be able to work with about 40 or so elementary age students.  Erin will be sharing this evening at this year’s first meeting of The Well.  Please pray for her as she brings the devotional for the mothers who attend tonight!

sister and brother techies...
sister and brother techies…

Maeven and Judah are doing well and definitely feel better after having a virus.  With all the bad weather and being sick they were cooped up at home and going a bit stir crazy.  On Thursday and Friday, Erin brought them both out to the Rec Center to run off some of that pent up energy.  It was fun having them there and seeing how much they both enjoyed it.  While they were there on Friday they were both excited that their “Grumpie” (Andy’s Dad) came out and played several exciting rounds of hide and seek with them.

This past week Erin and I began including Judah in story time with Maeven before they go to bed each night.  Previously he had been to easily distracted to sit with us and pay attention, but now that he is a bit older he is doing great.  We have truly enjoyed reading fun stories to them and even more so reading a nightly Bible story to our kids.  God has blessed us with two wonderful kids and we treasure being able to share about our great God to them.  We pray we can always reflect Christ to them and that they will accept Him at a young age!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support and we hope you have a great week!


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