Locked in and under House Arrest for the New Year…

Greetings from Beattyville and we hope you are enjoying a good start to 2014!  Our 2014 has gotten off like a roller coaster with ups and downs.

On Tuesday night we held an all night teen lock-in at the Rec Center to ring in the new year.  We had 146 teens come out to this outreach and KMM missionary, Scott Brandenburg, shared with the students the story of Zaccheus and how they can just like Zaccheus come to know Christ personally.  Please keep praying that the seeds that were planted at this lock-in would lead to us seeing many students come to know Christ as their personal savior.

Since the new year our family has been battling some sort of bug.  Finally it got to the point where Andy couldn’t go to work and the kids were totally miserable too.  Thankfully Erin had recovered enough to take the rest of us into the doctor’s where we found out we had some sort of virus and given lots of meds, then told to stay home for the rest of the weekend.  We are slowly making some progress and with a busy week ahead, your prayers we would greatly appreciate.


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