Owens Family Update – December 29, 2013

IMG_1903We hope this update finds you having a had a great Christmas and getting ready for a great New Year!  Our family has had a great time of getting together with other family members and celebrating the birth of Christ.  It was really exciting for us to be able to be at the point with Maeven where she is starting to understand Christmas and get excited about everything.  Judah is still just happy to run around and play with new things.


01. New Years 2013-2014 LockInThis week we come back from a  few days off for Christmas to one of the biggest outreach events that we hold at the Rec Center, our annual New Year’s Eve Teen Lock-In.  We are expecting over 150 teenagers to come out and join us for a fun night of games, prizes, bowling, karaoke, cosmic bowling, and much more.  Please be in prayer for KMM missionary Scott Brandenburg who will be sharing the Gospel with our teens about halfway through the night.  Pray that God will begin to work in the student’s hearts even now and that many will decide to give their life to Christ!  Pray for all our staff that we will be able to build relationships with our students throughout the night!  And lastly please pray that we will have plenty have plenty of volunteers and chaperones to help with the lock-in.

2013Biggest Loser FlyerAlso, this week we begin our annual Biggest Loser Contest.  This contest is designed to help bring in our community to help get them healthier and taking better care of themselves physically.  Not only that, but it gives our staff the chance to interact with participants and share Jesus with them.  Please pray for many opportunities to build relationships and share Jesus.

As we head into the New Year a lot is going on and God is going to do some great things.  Please keep praying!


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