Urgent Prayer Request for the Rec Center!!!

rec-center-signageAt the Rec Center we have been battling keeping our facility warm or cool depending on the temperature outside, due to our heating and air units being down.  Last week we were blessed to have two more gas units donated to help bring down our heating costs.  Also, the week before our first new big heat and air unit arrived.  That being said, here comes our prayer request.  In the next couple of weeks we need to raise a little over $4,000 to pay the unit off.  We desperately need this unit for our heat and for our air in the very hot summer time.  When it’s too hot or too cold in our facility people don’t want to stay.  If there are no people it’s hard to pay the bills and even more importantly hard to share Jesus if there is no one to share with.

So how can you help???  First of all, as always please pray for us.  Heat and air are greatly needed and we know God will provide the finances, so pray people will be generous.  Secondly, if you are interested in helping with this need, please consider a finical donation.   All donations can be sent to:

KMM, PO Box 588, Beattyville, KY 41311

Just include in the memo that your donation is for the Lee County Recreational Center heat and air units.

Lastly, one way that you can help is if you live in the area or are visiting come out to the Rec Center and join us for a meal, to work out, or to have a fun night bowling!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!


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