Owens Family Update – December 11, 2013

I hope this post finds you staying warm and dry.  Here in Beattyville between precipitation and cold temperatures it has been one nasty December weather wise.  This past weekend at the Rec Center we were going to have an indoor yard sale to help raise funds for the Rec Center.  Unfortunately, the weather had been rotten and was predicted to be really bad about the time of the sale we had to reschedule for Saturday, December 21st.

0012. Breakfast With Santa and PenelopeThis week is a busy week for our family.  On Saturday the Lee County Rec Center is hosting a breakfast with Santa.  During this time I (Andy) will be reading the Christmas story and sharing the Good News of Christ’s birth with all who attend.  We are expecting around 50 people to attend this event.  Immediately after this event, we have a high school bowling match for our Lee County High School Bowling Team at the Rec Center.  I will be helping as an assistant coach and also with whatever needs may arise during the match.  Once all that raps ups, our family will be hosting our annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes Christmas party at our house.  All of our middle and high school students are invited out to  our home to enjoy games, good food, and lots of fun.  When Erin and I, purchased our current home we prayed and asked God to give us opportunities to open our home to our local youth.  We are excited to be able to be a witness to them in our house and hopefully show some that come from broken homes love that they need to be shown.

On Sunday evening our family is gearing up for a big first.  Maeven will be participating in her first ever Christmas play!  She is practicing and is really excited for her role as a cow in the stable where Jesus was born.  We can’t help but smile as we remember how just a year ago she was scared to death of cows, but now is proudly practicing her mooing.  Judah is still to young to participate, but he loves practicing his cow sounds as well!

Erin is doing ok with her health diagnosis, but has some pretty tough days.  Since we have met our insurance deductible for the year and to erase any worries about a scar found on Erin’s brain during her last MRI we have decided to go and get a better contrasted MRI of her head next week.  We pray that this MRI will lead to a total conclusion that all of Erin’s symptoms are Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia related and not some more serious brain issues.  The relief of finding out that would be a tremendous weight off of our shoulders, so please be praying.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and prayers.  We hope that you are having a great Christmas season and are truly enjoying celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


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