Update on Erin’s Health – 12/3/13

Yesterday afternoon, we went back to Erin’s neurologist to find out the results of her MRI and hopefully get some answers as to what has been going on with her body these past few months.  After some discussion the doctor told us his “working” diagnosis is that she has fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and a herniated disc in her neck.  The good news is that none of this diagnosis is life threatening.  The bad news is that the two major issues really aren’t curable, but they are treatable.  For the next three months Erin will be trying a routine of meds and physical therapy to help ease her symptoms.  If all goes well we will go back to the neurologist in three months and continue on the same track.  If all does not go well, there may be some more detailed MRI’s in the future.  We are thankful to finally have some answers and very thankful for your continued prayers through this difficult time.  Please keep praying for Erin as this looks to be a long tough road ahead.


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