Owens Family Update – November 19, 2013

Greetings from Beattyville and from the Owens Family.  Much has been going on since our last post and we want to bring you up to date.  Ministry wise things have really been going very busy, but very well at the same time.  Last week, Erin and the other KMM ladies held the November meeting of The Well.  Erin was able to share with the ladies about prayer about how we should pray and also share requests and pray with each other.  During the Well, Maeven and Judah enjoyed the kids ministry ran by KMM missionaries Pam Price and Shirl Fryer and both came home very excited.

Our FCA Huddles were very busy last week and in both the middle and high schools we also talked with students about prayer.  After discussing prayer the students broke into small groups and spent time sharing requests and praises and then praying with and for each other.  In our Thursday afternoon after school Bible study, Andy had the opportunity to begin a four week section on spiritual disciplines.  The first week of this study was talking and seeing what the Bible says about the importance of fellowshipping and being part of the church.   Hearing students asking questions and talking about the need to get more involved in their churches.

student Bible study at Weekend of Champions

The annual FCA Weekend of Champions was held this Saturday and we took 19 high and middle school students with us.  This was by far the largest group that we have taken over the past four years, but seeing this amount of students getting excited about sharing Christ in their schools was very encouraging.  Our students were able to take seminars on how to share and defend their faith, praise God through lots of awesome worship music, hear testimonies of college athletes, and hear messages from former University of Kentucky basketball players Cameron Mills and Jeff Sheppard.  Please join us in praying that our students will now take what they have learned and been challenged with this past weekend and be bold in their schools!

Our family has been battling different sicknesses that have been going around.  Both Maeven and Judah have battled colds and fevers but are now recovering well.  I have been down the past couple of days with some sort of cold/allergies that have left me miserable and hoarse.  Erin is still dealing with her continuing health issues.  This Friday we are finally going for her MRI’s and praying for good and definite results so that she can get the treatment she needs and feel better soon!  Please join us in praying for her health!

As always thank you for your continued prayers and support!


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