An Update To Yesterday’s Post…

Yesterday, when we shared with you about a prayer request for erin’s health and doctor visit many of you sent well wishes and prayers and we thank you so much for them.  I will start off the good news with our trip to the neurologist went much better than our last trip.  This doctor was much more thorough and competent than we had at the last neurologist.  He went through everything with Erin and listened very well.  We are truly thankful to be working with someone who seems like they are concerned and know what they are doing to find out what’s wrong.

After much talking and testing the doctor seemed to rule out major muscle and nerve diseases.  He seems to think Erin has either Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia.  He also ordered some more blood tests to see if she possibly has Lyme’s disease.  The bad news is that with the possibility of the first two the only way to determine if you have those is by running lots of tests to rule out other things.  That means that we are scheduled for an MRI next week as long as the blood work comes back negative for Lyme’s.

In some ways an MRI would be a blessing because it gives us an idea and a way to diagnose what’s going on and start treatment.  At the same time the cost of a full body MRI is a bit overwhelming to think about and financially makes things very difficult on our family.

We ask you to continue praying with us through this time of seeking answers for Erin’s health.  Pray that Erin would have relief from her symptoms and a quick diagnosis.  Pray that if it’s God’s will something from her blood tests will turn up and we can avoid this costly MRI.  If it’s not God’s will for that to happen, please pray again for a diagnosis and treatment plan as well as the needed finances to pay off such a large expense.  Finally pray for peace for Erin and I.  With the unknown of health and finances at the moment we are both feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about the future.  Knowing that you are praying and we serve a God who is all powerful means so much.  Thank you for your faithfulness and praise God for His!


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