Owens Family Update – October 20, 2013

Singing praises to God with MBI students at their annual missions conference

This past week has been a crazy but very fun and exciting whirlwind.  On Monday afternoon, Andy left for Chicago with his parents to attend the annual Moody Bible Institute Missions Conference.  At the conference we were able to give presentations about the ministry of Kentucky Mountain Mission and Andy and his parents were each able to teach various missions related seminars.  Andy taught two seminars, one on becoming an athletics coach for Christ and the other on encouraging, equipping, and empowering students to do ministry in the public school systems.  Many MBI students came out and listened to our seminars and presentations.  Please join us in now praying that the seeds of interest in KMM that were planted will lead to both summer and full time staff!

MBI @ night
MBI @ night

Over all, the Moody Missions Conference was really just a huge blessing and time of spiritual renewal.  Listening to students praise God in many languages, musics styles, and artistic forms was a huge blessing.  Being challenged by the speakers and guest testimonies to realize what a huge problem that sexual and human trafficking has become in this world was truly eye opening.  It was also a blessing to just fellowship with other missionaries and see what God is doing around the world.  Another blessing was also being to catch up with old friends both at Moody and the Chicago area.

Andy also was reminded about how old he now is through staying in the dorms at MBI.  He had some great roommates and really enjoyed getting to know them and the other guys on the floor.  One of the best nights was Thursday, when the guys on the floor had a question and answer time with the missionaries staying on the floor and the laid hands on them and prayed for them.  To see these young men with such a deep commitment to Christ and the Gospel praying for us was a great encouragement.

wagon time at Meme and PopPop's
wagon time at Meme and PopPop’s

Erin and the kids had a busy week staying at Meme and Pop’s house dog and house sitting.  The kids had a great time riding in Meme’s wagon and going to a local park in Winchester.  Erin was also blessed to have her lifelong friend Kristen come with her cute baby boy and spend a few days with them.  Overall we were both blessed by reconnecting with great friends God has given us over the years!

This upcoming week, looks to be a busy week of outreach for us and we even have the world famous Woolly Worm Festival in town this coming weekend.  It’s another great chance for us to make up some needed finances for the Rec Center and to also reach out to new members of our community.

As always we treasure your prayers and support and thank you for being such a vital ministry partner!


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