Owens Family Update – Mid-October 2013

Greetings from Beattyville and the Owens Family.  We are very sorry in the delay since our last update, but much has been happening.  In our last update we asked you to be praying for Andy’s Aunt Anna who has been battling cancer.  Since that time she lost her fight and is now cancer free with her Lord and Savior in Heaven.  Please continue to pray for our family and that Aunt Anna’s testimony will lead many of our family and friends to a relationship with Christ.

A week ago we held our first out of school FCA event with our students.  On Friday, October 4th, we held “Dodgeballapalooza” in the Youth Haven Bible Camp Gym.  All our FCA students in the high school and middle school were invited and allowed to invite their friends as well.  We had a great night of dodgeball in the form of “Pinball Till You Puke” and lots of snacks.  This event wasn’t as much an evangelistic outreach as it was an outreach to just get students to come out and get involved in FCA and to have a way to get their friends involved!

Our weekly after school Bible study at the local high school has been going strong.  We have been blessed to have both middle and high school students attend.  So far we have been diving into what the Bible has to say about friends, relationships, and families.  We have a core group that come each week and have had many visitors too.  Please pray for these students who have shown such an interest in growing in their faith.

playing in the leaves...
playing in the leaves…

Maeven and Judah are doing well and have thoroughly enjoyed these unusually warm fall days as they have been able to play outside, rolling down the hillside, and jumping in leaves.  At Youth Haven, the annual fall dental clinic outreach was held this past weekend and our family made it to get some cleanings done.  We were so proud of our Maeven who hopped right up in the dental chair and let the hygienist clean her teeth like a big girl.  Judah was very upset he couldn’t get in a chair like Maeven, but once his “Grumpie” (Andy’s  dad William) gave him a pack of crackers he settled down.

We would like you to be praying for Andy and his parents as they prepare to speak at Moody Bible Institute’s annual missions conference.  Andy will be teaching seminars on sharing Christ in public schools and on becoming Christ centered athletic coaches.  This conference is a great opportunity to share about the various ministries of Kentucky Mountain Mission and to recruit both summer and full time staff.  A huge prayer of ours has been and still is very much that we would be able to recruit staff to help with the Rec Center ministries specifically.  There is so much potential in this ministry that is untapped due to a lack of staff, so please pray that God will bless these seminars and these needed staff will be found!

Thank you again for your continued prayers and support and we look forward to sharing with you again soon!


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