Owens Family Update…just keep swimming…just keep swimming…

Our fall ministry schedule is off and full steam ahead.  This past week was awesome as God has continued to bless.  All of our FCA huddles and Bible studies continued to grow.  I had the opportunity to speak our huddles about how God loves us Relentlessly and wants a relationship with us.  In our after school Bible study we continued our study on what the Bible says about friendships, specifically diving into how cliques and favoritism hurt our testimonies with those around us.  Getting interaction with the students and feedback has been great and we are truly excited to see how they are going to grow this year!

bowling pinsplash

At the Rec Center, all our leagues are now into full swing.  On Monday, last week 63 students came out for our after school jr. Bowling outreach.  I spent most of the league helping a group of k through 3rd graders learn to bowl and especially one little girl who couldn’t even carry her own bowling ball.  It was great getting to know the students and seeing how they smiled

even knocking over just one pin.  Many parents and grandparents were in the Rec Center to see their kids, giving us another great ministry opportunity.
This week is going to be extremely busy as all our outreaches and ministries are going and at the same time we are a bit short on staff.  That being said, it will be a great time of ministry, but much prayer and energy will be needed as well.  Please pray for our family as we are apart more this week.  Pray for Erin as she balances ministry and our ever more adventurous kids.  Pray for myself that God will bring about divine appointments to share Him this week, for quality times with our family, and for energy and strength for whatever the week may bring.  Our other bowling leagues are in full swing and are doing great.  We do have room for more bowlers though, so if you know anyone in our area who would be interested, please let us know.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!


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