back to school…

Relentless_rgbSince our last update, our fall ministry schedule has really taken off.  This past week, we began going back to school as our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) ministries began.  On Thursday, Andy went back to Lee County High School to kick off our weekly FCA After School Bible Study.  This year we are going to to be going through a study by Lifeway  called Fuel: Ignited.  The study does for weeks on different topics that teens are dealing with from dating relationships to family relationships.  Our first four weeks we are going to be studying about what the Bible says about friendships.  Our first study we talked about what the study was going to look like and gave a preview of the lessons.  We then spent some time praying about different needs going on with the students and school system.  Please pray that this coming week and the weeks thereafter this Bible study will grow and impact our students as they dive deeper into God’s Word.

On Friday, Lee County High School held it’s first monthly club day of the year.  During club day we held one FCA club period in the morning and one in the afternoon.  We talked with the students about all that we are going to be studying and doing in our FCA club days, after school Bible study, and weekly huddles.  Of course the students listened well and seemed really excited, although that could be due to the pizza we brought them!

As we move into this next week, we continue to get started back in our school year ministries.  On Tuesday morning our high school FCA huddle starts back and on Thursday morning our middle school FCA huddle starts.  We are going to be introducing our FCA them for this year, Relentless, to the students.  Please be praying that they will grow this year and become Relentless in their pursuit of a deeper relationship with Christ and Relentless in sharing Christ with others!

IMG_2234On Thursday night, Erin and a couple of other KMM missionary ladies will be hosting the first meeting of The Well since last spring.    This week is a get to know you get together, where mothers of young children are invited to come out participate in some different activities, eat, and have a devotional time.  Please pray for Erin and the others as they prepare for this week that they will be an encouragement to these mothers.  Pray that those mother’s who don’t know Christ will accept Him as a result of this ministry and that those who do know Christ will be encouraged to grow in their walk with Him.

Judah feeding Pooh Bear
Judah feeding Pooh Bear

In family news, our kids are doing great.  Maeven is enjoying having some company to play with as Erin is babysitting two little boys a couple of days a week.  Judah has discovered a new love of Winnie the Pooh.  He has a new stuffed Pooh that he carries around in a big bear hug, daring anyone to take his new buddy.

Thank you so much for your prayers and continued support!


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