July 21, 2013 Owens Family Update…

Maeven riding Al
Maeven riding Al

Greetings again from Beattyville, KY!  It’s been another busy week here for us, but God has been great and blessing us.  This week at the Rec Center we continued to work with our summer bowling leagues.  Our summer leagues are lighter in turn out than our winter leagues, but in some ways we get an even better chance to talk with the bowlers.  I (Andy) am bowling in the Thursday Night Men’s League.  There are six team of three men in this league and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know many of the guys and just have a great time of fellowship with them.

Image 1Erin and the kids really enjoyed hanging out at Youth Haven Bible Camp’s Cubs Camp this week. The kids got to go swimming with other pre-schoolers and ride horses.   Judah was a big hit as he loved riding the merry-go-round with the big kids and Maeven still is loving riding the horses.  On Thursday she got up and started telling me all about how she was going to ride the horses later in the day.  I asked her which one was her favorite horse and she replied, “The Big One!!!”  Erin has really enjoyed getting out more and interacting with the ladies who work at YHBC during the summer as well as the other mothers who bring their kids to Cubs Camp. Pray that this will lead to more friendship and opportunities to share the Gospel for Erin.

This week again we ask you to be praying for the air conditioning situation at the Rec Center.  Due to power surges from the electric company’s transformers our three main ac units have been out all summer.  The good news is that our insurance is covering the majority of the bill to get new units up and running.  The bad news is that we still have not received the check from the insurance company and the place we are getting the units from still doesn’t have enough large units in stock for us.  With all the heat in the building we have financially had our worst summer since opening the Rec Center, with the heat keeping many bowlers away.  Please pray that everything, the check and the ac units, will come together soon so that we can cool off our facility.  Please pray that when the air is up and running that the community will come back stronger than ever and we will get things on track financially where we can concentrate more on ministry outreach and not worry about the finances.  God is good and we know He can do this and more!

Thank you so much for prayers and support!


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