July 14, 2013 Update…

IMG_1307Over the past couple of weeks things we have a had a lot of fun family times together.  During the first week of July we took a family vacation/staycation where where we stayed around Beattyville, working on our house and even doing a yard sale.  The highlight of the week was a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.  Both kids loved walking around the zoo and seeing all the animals.  We were joined by Erin’s parents on this trip and it was just awesome to see the excitement in the eyes of the kids as they saw the animals and just enjoyed being out with the family.

This past week it was back to the Rec Center and playing catch up for our time off at FCA Leadership Camp and our vacation.  At the Rec Center we had our second Kids Club of the summer, where parents could drop off their elementary age students at the Rec Center for a morning of songs, Bible stories, crafts, and games.  This week we had 10 students come and they had a blast.  It was a lot of fun seeing the kids interact with the Bible stories and songs, as well as the excitement they showed when Preacher Bill showed them Henry and Homer!  

Maeven and Judah also enjoyed a fun week of visiting and making new friends.  On Thursday, Erin took the kids to Cubs Camp at Youth Haven.  They had a blast playing with the other kids on the playground.  Maeven especially enjoyed riding horses for the first time.  She told us all about riding Al and Blackie.

This week we have another Kids Club coming up at the Rec Center and also a busy week of working with an area nursing home to bring out some of their residents to bowl.  Many of the residents are in wheel chairs and have either bowled very little in their lifetime if at all.  Pray for us as we have this unique opportunity to bring some joy and encouragement to these residents and also share the love of Christ with them.

As always, thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!


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