Owens Family Update – Leadership Camp Recap!

Our 2013 FCA Leadership Team

After a lot of fundraising and much prayer from many of you we arrived safely at camp last Thursday around noon.   The students were really excited to get registered and find out where they would be staying and what huddle teams that they would be competing with and doing small groups with this week.

students playing "Tubmania"
students playing “Tubmania”

During Thursday afternoon the students competed in various competitions outside on the sports fields here at Campbellsville.  The favorite game as usual was “Tubemania” where the students basically play a version of  Tug-o-war with inner tubes.  They also kept busy playing versions of flag football and ultimate frisbee.

The highlight of camp on Thursday was Chapel time.  The worship band has been excellent and really connected with the students through they way they have led them into a time of praising God.  A football player from the University of Louisville came and shared his testimony about how he learned to trust God instead of thinking he was #1.  Our main chapel speaker was excellent as he spoke with our student about how in our faith in Christ we need to be Relentless.  He talked about how we need to be relentless in courage, relentless in not shrinking back from sharing Christ, and relentless in being bold for Christ in all we do.  As he spoke from Hebrews 10, you could really feel God working in the lives of the students.  During the closing music several students went forward and you could tell that God was working on their hearts.

Friday was another fun and exciting day at the 2013 FCA Leadership Camp.  The students were up bright and early for warm ups with calisthenics, a good jog, and devotional time.  After a good breakfast we had a morning chapel time where we sang praise songs, which Maeven and Judah really enjoyed.  Our morning speaker talked with the students about the importance of keeping their motor up and being relentless in their pursuit of Christ.

After the morning chapel service the students were divided up into their huddles.  Some went to play games for awhile while others had small group Bible study time with their huddles.  During this same time all of us coaches, teachers and sponsors had a huddle of our own where we talked about what we had been learning from the speakers and also what God is doing in our lives and our huddles.  It was a blessing the spend some time fellowshipping with so many others who are serving Christ in our school’s with FCA.

During the afternoon Friday, our students had more games and also had a lot of free time.  The majority of us all enjoyed the camp pool for awhile.  Maeven especially like all the pool noodles that she could play with!

chalk artist sharing his gifts with the students
chalk artist sharing his gifts with the students

After supper Friday we were treated with a special guest who did a chalk art ministry.  He talked with the students about the importance of being MAD leaders (Make A Difference).  He challenged them to be leaders who use their talents and gifts to make a difference for Christ.  He then did an amazing presentation where he drew a beautiful scenic view with chalk on a black bed sheet.  It was truly amazing to watch someone so gifted using their talents for Christ.

The evening closed with an evening chapel service where the music and speaker encouraged the students to keep being “Relentless.”  A girls volleyball player from Marshall University also shared her testimony with the students.

The biggest highlight of the weekend once again came on Saturday afternoon as our students were sent out on a Faith Trip.  On the faith trip the students are sent out in small groups of five or six with a leader to go through the neighborhoods of Campbellsville, KY.  They went door to door taking the tools that they had been given during Leadership Camp, and shared the Gospel with complete strangers.  The exciting thing is seeing the nerves and fears that build up in our students before they go out, transform into excitement and joy when they return telling about their experiences.  Almost all of them came back saying that the Faith Trip was either their favorite part of camp or one of their favorite parts.  Myself and our teacher sponsor, Jessica Napier, debriefed the students about their experiences and encouraged them to pray that the seeds of the Gospel they planted will come to fruition.  And to pray for each individual they spoke to, even pray for those who were Christians that they would have impacted them so that they will be bold and share their faith too!

Maeven singing with her "Classroom"
Maeven singing with her “Classroom”

Maeven and Judah both enjoyed the kids camp that was held for the children of the FCA Staff, coaches, teachers, chaperones, and other camp volunteers.  Judah was too young to really attend, but loved when Erin and I would take him into the gym where the other kids met and he could run around and play on the big soft gymnastic mats.  Maeven, truly enjoyed the company of the other kids and loved going to her “classroom”.  Before we left camp she even went all around hugging her little friends that she had made over the week.  The biggest highlight for her and for us though came on Sunday morning.  Maeven’s “Classroom” got up in front of over 500 people and sang.  We didn’t think she would get up in that crowd, but there she was clapping her hands, singing, and wearing her cute little sunglasses!

Judah enjoying Cheetos before leaving Leadership Camp
Judah enjoying Cheetos before leaving Leadership Camp

Before the students left on Sunday, they had one last chapel service, where the speaker once again challenged them to be “Relentless.”  This time not only did he challenge them to be “Relentless” for Christ, but also to be “Relentless” in their hatred of sin, not just their hatred of other peoples sin, but all the sin issues in our own lives. He told the students how can we love the one who died for our sins, but still love those sins if we are to be “Relentless” for Christ!  It was a challenge that really resonated with the teens.

As we return home now, please keep praying for our students that they will take the teaching, challenges, fellowship, and everything else they learned to be bold in sharing their faith with family, friends, and anyone else they have an opportunity to share the love of Christ with.  Pray that they will truly become the leaders for Christ that we know they can be.  God is going to do some great things and we can’t wait to see how he works!

students praising God during worship time in an FCA Leadership Camp Chapel
students praising God during worship time in an FCA Leadership Camp Chapel

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