May 9, 2013 Owens Family Update…

IMG_2046I am happy to report that we survived and thrived at another annual Rec Center Golf Scramble!  Yesterday, we held our annual golf scramble after having to cancel our original date due to bad weather.  This time, however, we were blessed with beautiful weather and a great turn out as 23 golfers came out.  Several more people came out to join us for delicious lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, polish sausages, and a lot of delicious desserts that were donated.  It looks like after all bills are paid for this event that the Rec Center will have made between $1,500 and $1,600 to help add some much needed funding!  If you are reading this blog post and participated in our scramble, sponsored our event, brought food, helped clean up, prayed for us, or anything else, I thank you so much for your support!

This week we were once again blessed with several beautiful days and nights.  As a family we have loved being able to take advantage of this weather.  The kids love playing outside in their kiddie pool and sandbox, playing on their swing set and going to the park.  One of Maeven’s favorite things to do has been to go on a family walk in the evening to see our neighbor’s goat farm.  She is constantly saying, “Daddy, Momma, go see goats!”  Judah just loves going out and exploring.  We have to keep a close eye on him as he will take off in a flash!

IMG_2047This week is going to have a lot going on.  Erin and the kids are going to meet with some supporters at the beginning of the week and next Sunday we will be sharing at a new church about our ministry here with KMM.  At Youth Haven Bible Camp summer staff orientation is taking place and one of the fun things we get to do is host all the jr. staff at the Rec Center for a bowling/team building outing.  Please pray for traveling safety for our family, that we will be able to make new contacts for ministry partnerships and financial support, and pray for the Rec Center ministry opportunities.  As always, thank you for your faithfulness!


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