May 26, 2013 Update…

Judah Swinging
Judah Swinging

This past week has been crazy but good for us here in Beattyville.  The first part of the week I was pretty much in a fog as I was recovering from last weekends all night teen lock-in outreach at the Rec Center.  104 teens attended our outreach and heard a great Gospel presentation from KMM missionary Scott Brandenburg.  Please keep praying with us that students will take the message and realize their need to make Christ the Lord of their lives.

For this month’s meeting of “The Well”, Erin and the ladies gathered at a local park for a kids play date.   Maeven and Judah both enjoyed the opportunity to play with the other little kids and enjoy all the playground equipment.  Erin also enjoyed the opportunity to continue to build relationships with some of our local mothers.  Please continue to pray for Erin and all the ladies that are involved with this ministry.

Maeven Swinging
Maeven swinging at The Well playdate

On Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to take 12 of our FCA students to a Lexington Legends baseball game as a reward for faithful FCA huddle attendance this past semester.  One of our teacher sponsors, Mrs. Napier came along to help chaperone the kids and as always we are so thankful for her help, encouragement and support!  As we headed to the game storms were surrounding the area and we didn’t know if we would be able to watch the Legends play or not.  Thankfully the clouds parted and we had nice weather for the game.   I was able to catch a foul ball at the game and even was selected with one of my students to go box with oversized gloves on the field between innings.   Several of our students caught t shirts and won various other prizes.  Overall it was a great night and everyone really enjoyed himself or herself.

Tonight, Erin and I, along with our FCA Leadership team are going to another local church to share about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and try to raise funds to take our students to leadership camp this summer.  Our goal is still to raise around $2,000 to cover gas, student and chaperone costs, and some other deposits needed for the trip.  Currently we have raised about $600 towards this goal.  Please pray that the remaining $1,400 will come in soon.  One of our students is speaking at a local church this morning and then like I mentioned a second ago, all of us will be at a church tonight.  We are confident that God will meet this need, but ask for your faithful prayers while we work to raise this money.

This week,  we would also ask for you to be praying for Erin and I as we prepare to speak in a chapel service at a weekend retreat that Bear Track Bible Church is having this weekend.  We will be sharing about what all we do ministry wise and also doing a challenge devotion on service and servant hood.  While leading a Bible study or teaching from a lesson, or even sharing about are ministry are things that I enjoy to do, I always get very nervous when giving a devotion or message in front of a large group.  Please pray for wisdom, calm nerves, and clarity as I speak.

Thank you all again for your faithful prayers and support.  Please feel free to call or come see us this summer!


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