First Owens Family Update of May…

2013_End_of_School_Lock-INI’d like to start out by apologizing for being so long between updates.  May got off to a fast start for us and to be honest, I still feel like I’m playing catch up!   Erin and I wrapped up our FCA Huddles at the local high and middle school’s.   The last two weeks of school are hard to have huddles due to all the announcements during our huddle time and so many other things going on.  So, we wrapped things up while we still had our students attention.  God really blessed our huddles this year in both schools as they grew in number, but more importantly we saw a lot of growth in the spiritual lives of our students.

This time of year  each year I am busy  getting ready for our annual Golf scramble fundraiser which raises lots of money for our Rec Center.  For the past few weeks I have been getting out and about gathering sponsors and other donations for the scramble.  Our scramble was supposed to have taken place this past Saturday, May 11th.  However, we have had so much rain and rain was scheduled all through the day of the the scramble that we postponed until June 8th.  We are praying hard for good weather that day and also still looking for more sponsors.

This week, Erin is helping lead another monthly meeting of “The Well.”  Please pray for her as she is preparing activities and a Bible study for the ladies.   We have been getting lots of good feedback from the ladies who are participating and it’s just been a blessing and encouragement to Erin to interact and build friendships also.

Maeven and Judah are both doing well. They have been enjoying the nicer weather and playing on their swing set.  Maeven is running around in a tutu and wings thinking she is Tinkerbell.  Judah is loving walking and his favorite past time is finding out what buttons he can push to aggravate his big sister.   Both kids are developing fun personalities and we are truly blessed by them.

This week we are holding our end of the school year lock-in at the Rec Center.  We are expecting over 100 teenagers to come to this event.  KMM missionary Scott Brandenburg will be sharing a devotional with the students.  Please pray that through the devotional and our interaction with the students that they will see and hear how much Christ loves them.  Pray that students who don’t know Christ will give their lives to Him, and that our Christian students will be challenged to grow in their relationship with Christ!   Also, if you are in the area and interested in Chaperoning please let us know!   We need  lots of adults to help keep an eye on the students throughout the night.

As always, thank you so much for your faithful support and prayers!


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