March 24, 2013 Update…

The Birthday Boy!
The Birthday Boy!

This week was a big week in the Owens family as our precious baby boy Judah celebrated his 1st Birthday!!!  On March 19th, Judah turned a year old and we celebrated his birthday with both sets of grandparents and Aunt Amanda today at our house.   Judah was very excited to dig into his birthday cake  and play with his presents.   We have been truly blessed with both of our wonderful children and are so glad that we have had this first year with Judah and can’t wait to spend many more with him!

This week at the Rec Center we had lots of parties, leagues and rental groups.   I especially enjoyed having a group from the local nursing home come out to bowl.  Many of the residents aren’t able to get out much anymore and very few of them have ever bowled.  So to see them enjoying the lanes and  and thoroughly enjoy themselves was a huge blessing.

We met with our FCA students on Monday night to begin our bi-weekly meetings of discipleship and leadership training as we prepare to go to FCA Leadership camp this summer.   So far we have 7 students that are serious about going to camp.  Please pray  for us as we seek to raise enough money to help take them to camp!  Also pray for growth in their lives as we get study God’s word to see what a leader should look like!

This week at the Rec Center we are entering our final week of our Biggest Loser Contest.  It looks as though 12 people will complete their hours for the contest.   We have been encouraged to see their dedication and seriousness about getting healthy. Pray that they will continue to stay on a healthy track when this contest is over and that we will have opportunities to continue to share the love of Christ with them!

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support!!!


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