March 11, 2013 Update…

IMG_1069If you come to the Owens Family household and see two zombies you are probably looking at Erin and I. This weekend was a fun filled weekend of puppy delivery. Our little mini-schnauzer gave birth to 6 puppies, which Maeven is very excited about. The problem is that the first puppy arrived at 9:30 on Saturday night and the last one at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon. In between I had very little sleep and Erin even less as she stayed up acting as midwife. Thankfully puppies are all doing well. Pray for our momma schnauzer Nixie as she is pretty sick right now and needs to get healthy to be able to fully take care of her pups.

Last week, winter gave us what hopefully will be our last bit of excitement. Due to snow and ice we missed three of five days of school here in Lee County which really impacted our ministry schedule. On Monday with no school we were unable to have our after school bowling league and on Thursday we were unable to have our weekly FCA huddle at the middle school. We did manage to get into the high school where we talked to the students about trusting the Holy Spirit to give them guidance in their lives! On Saturday night some of our FCA students who are interested in going to leadership camp joined us at our house for a meeting to plan out the requirements for going to camp, being on the leadership team, and doing some fundraising for camp! As we get ready for camp pray that God will direct students who want to be leaders for Christ to our leadership team and for the needed finances for all of us to go to FCA Leadership Camp this summer.

One of the joys at the Rec Center is that we have had the opportunity to work with several special needs groups. Last week alone we had a Special Olympics bowling group in and a local school system brought all their high and middle school special education students. To see the joy on the faces of these groups as they bowl has been a huge blessing and a great encouragement ministry for us to have here at the Rec Center.

This week promises to be busy with several groups coming into the Rec Center and our weekly bowling leagues going on. Continue to pray that we will take advantage of every opportunity God gives us to share His love and salvation message with our community! God is good and we thank Him for your faithfulness and prayers!


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