Survived the Super Bowl

Big hugs!
Big hugs!

Last night we held our annual Super Bowl Outreach party at the Rec Center.   Unfortunately we were competing with cold and snowy weather so our attendance was lower with only 6 students and 3 adults attending.  The great news was that at half time I was still able to share a half time dvd with members of the New York Giants sharing their testimonies and then get to share the gospel with our unsaved students and a challenge to the Christians who attended.  Unfortunately our satellite box at the Rec Center died shortly after halftime and so everyone went home early to catch the end of the game!  Another prayer request is that our projector for the Rec Center died this weekend as well.   Please pray that we will be able to find a new one cheap or that one might be provided for us!

This week Erin and some of the other KMM missionary ladies are hosting another meeting of “The Well.”  Erin has been busy getting her devotional and a craft together for the ladies.  Please pray for good weather and good health as this really affects the attendance.  Also pray for Erin as she speaks and seeks to encourage these ladies!

Our family is doing well and we are venturing into adventurous territory as we have started potty training Maeven this week.  Pray for patience for mommy and quick learning skills for our little girl!   Judah is moving all over the house and wants to grab and taste everything.  He also now has 6 teeth that have broken through and several more about to!  I (Andy) was diagnosed with Mono last week. The good news is that I know what is going on with me, the bad news is that there is really no treatment other than rest, which is sometimes hard to come by.  Please pray for me that I will be able to beat this quickly!

God is doing much here and we pray for continued strength and energy that we might serve Him whenever and wherever possible!


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