Mid-January 2013 update…

2013_Super_Bowl_FlyerJanuary has been an interesting month for the Owens Family thus far.   Lots of exciting ministry things happening and lots of sickness at home.  Andy has been busy the past couple of weekends helping coach the Lee County High School Bowling Team.  It’s been really exciting to build new friendships with our students and renew old ones while being an assistant coach.   The team is doing pretty well and we are gearing up for Regionals the last weekend in January!

The annual Biggest Loser competition at the Rec Center is going well with over 20 participants so far who have joined.   Andy is also participating (but not eligible for prizes) to hopefully help not only get himself healthier but also to encourage some others who are in the contest to do well also!

Erin helped lead another monthly meeting of “The Well” last Thursday at Youth Haven Bible Camp.   KMM Missionary Amy Brandenburg talked to the ladies about couponing and Erin led a devotion with the ladies and also share several online Christian resources for mothers to use.  Please pray for the ladies attending and that this ministry will continue to grow!

At home for the past two weeks we have been battling various bugs and viruses. Just when we think we are through someone else catches something again.  Nauseas kids, fevers, and mom and dad sick has made for some pretty miserable days.  Also, Judah is teething with multiple teeth that could break through any time, which leads to late nights of being up with a crying baby boy.  Please pray that we will be able to get healthy and strengthened soon.

Our next big outreach at the Rec Center is on February 3, 2013 when we have our annual Super Bowl Outreach Party.  We invite anyone who wants to come to join us for the game which will be  playing on multiple screens at the Rec Center.  At half time we gather everyone who attends to watch a dvd for Sports Spectrum, a Christian sports magazine.  On this year’s dvd members of the 2011 New York Giants Super Bowl Championship team who will be sharing their testimonies and the Gospel.  Pray that this will impact our students greatly for Christ that they will either be bolder in sharing their faith or if they have not yet done so accept Christ as their personal Savior and Lord!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support!!!


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