big week of FCA for us…

This a big week of ministry with FCA for Erin and I.  Not only are we having our regular FCA weekly huddle meetings at LCHS and LCMS this week, but we are also getting ready for our first ever FCA outreach event.  On this Saturday, December 1st, @ 7pm we will be holding an outreach concert at Youth Haven Bible Camp featuring The City Seen.  Please be praying for us in the days leading up to the concert as we have much to do in order to get ready.  Things like set up and getting all the last minute details together are really going to keep us hopping.  Also, be praying for us as many of the students who really pushed to do this event are now not as free as the said they would be.  Please pray that our students’ schedules would free up and that they would be able to help like they committed too.  Also be praying for the band and our guest speaker as they prepare to minister to all those who come out Saturday.  Pray for those who come to the concert that their hearts will be softened and that they will chose to give their lives to Christ.  Lots of stuff going on that needs your prayer so please join us in prayer this week!

Lastly, please come join us at the concert.  Whether you want to bring a group, bring your self or help serve we want you to be there!  See you Saturday!!!


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